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To meet the plethora of market demands, Sekisui is using extensive experience and know-how to research and develop advanced resins with ever increasing functional excellence. Please contact us soon.

Product Lineup

S-LEC B and K
Sekisui Chemical Co.,Ltd. has developed a special method of manufacturing Polyvinyl Butyral Resin, named S-LEC B , and Polyvinyl Acetal Resin, named S-LEC K. Polyvinyl Butyral Resin made its debut in the United States in 1936 as an interlayer for safety glass. Since then, the excellent characteristics of polyvinyl butyral resins have become widely recognized, and they are now utilized in a wide range of products, including ceramic binders, printed wiring' board adhesives, special coatings, printing inks, etc.In addition to S-LEC B,Sekisui has developed S-LEC K series.So they are utilized in a wider range of products.


SLEC?B?and?KSekisui PVC-HA is a post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. It offers improved heat resistance without sacrificing the excellent performance of polyvinyl chloride. There are a variety of grades, from medium heat resistance grade to high heat resistance grade, and also a high flow grade, all with heat resistance characteristics required for a wide range of applications.Compounds (Sekisui Compounds SH/EH series) are available,made of HA.


Sekisui PVEVA & Vinyl Chloride Graft Copolymer

C-TG is a graft copolymer that has rubber elastic EVA (ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer) as its main part, and polyvinyl chloride graft polymerized to this.
This copolymer combines the rubber elasticity and low temperature characteristics of EVA with the mechanical properties and chemical resistance of polyvinyl chloride, and by varying the content of EVA the rigidity can be changed over the range from rigid to nonrigid.

The various grades have characteristics making them suitable for a wide range of applications. The Low-EVA Grade has excellent weather resistance and is suitable for use as an impact resistant PVC. The High-EVA Grade can be used for improving the impact resistance of polyvinyl chloride resin, and as a non-migrating, non-volatile, nonrigid polyvinyl chloride resin.

ADVANCELL EM Thermoexpandable Microspheres

HOTAIRExpandable particles with excellent thermal characteristics. It is a thermal expandable microsphere which consists of a hydrocarbon with a low boiling point in a thermoplastic polymer cell. It assumes a hollow balloon shape by heating. It can be used as a blowing agent for many applications (PVC, acryl, epoxy, rubber, silicon, etc.) by adding it to inks or paints. Main applications: Various types of foams

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