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Sekisui Chemical, which has a long track record all over the world, offers a variety of products that meet LCD manufacturers’ demands, and plays a big part in the development of LCDs.  Our products manufactured with our proprietary technology anticipate users’ needs.  Sekisui Chemical also performs customized product development.

Product Lineup

Gap Spacer

LCD spacer
Large Particle Spacer" is made of a cross-linked co-polymer resin of divintylbenzene, which is transparent and rigid, and has true sphere shape. The product has high quality of very sharp particle diameter distribution, excellent thermal stability and excellent chemical resistance..

Conductive Fine Particle

Conductive Fine Particle
Sekisui's precise, fine plastic sphere, which has long been used as a spacer, has now become conductive. It is widely used in LCD and device mounting, and contributes to size reduction and higher degrees of integration and reliability of IT equipment.

LCD Spacer

Conductive Fine Particle
"Micropearl," a fine plastic sphere, the result of Sekisui's fine particle technology, and essential for production of larger and clearer LCDs.
These particles, several micrometers in diameter, are sprayed between glass substrates to maintain an even cell gap.

Plastic Core Solder Balls (SOL)

Conductive Fine Particle
Micropearl SOL is a solder plated true sphere with a plastic core and was designed for mounting chips to circuit board. Unlike conventional solder balls, which often cracks under the heat cycle test, these precise, stress-relaxing plastic balls do not crack and have better spacing control.
SOL is very suitable for future miniaturized, high-reliability IT devices.

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