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Infomation Disclosure Policy

Management Policy on Corporate Information Disclosure

Principle of Corporate Information Disclosure

Sekisui Chemical Group (hereinafter "the Group") discloses corporate information in an impartial, timely, and appropriate manner in order to ensure corporate transparency and to fulfill social responsibilities, and also to deepen the understanding of the Group by shareholders and all stakeholders.

Further, we actively pursue communication with all stakeholders, and we work hard to ensure that opinions regarding the Group are appropriately reflected in corporate activities.

Basic Policies

The following basic policies are defined based on the Group's Principle of Corporate Information Disclosure.

1. Content of Disclosure
The Group activel
y discloses information as required by relevant rules and regulations, including corporate and securities exchange laws. The Group also discloses corporate information that is material from a financial, environmental, and/or social perspective, and any other corporate information, that it is so determined, should be disclosed.

2. System of Disclosure
The Group assigns corporate disclosure officers responsible for the collection, management, and disclosure of corporate information as an integrated activity, and designates the persons in charge of performing their duties for each of the different types of disclosures. Further the Group designates the corporate information liaison officers for each business place and puts in place a system for rapidly and comprehensively collecting information to be disclosed.

3. Methods of Disclosure
For the actual disclosure of corporate information, The Group discloses information in an impartial, timely and appropriate manner by choosing the most effective and progressive methods, including press releases, the publishing on the Group's website, the disclosures on the TDnet system provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the disclosures at briefing sessions held for shareholders.

Furthermore, the details of disclosed content etc. are set out in the Group's "Corporate Information Disclosure Regulations."

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