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The Sekisui Chemical Group pursues environmental friendliness throughout all stages of its products, from development, production and distribution, to disposal, and works to recycle effectively, in order to protect the earth’s valuable resources, which sustain our daily living.

Environmental Considerations Implemented in Various Stages in the Lifecycles of Our Products

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Environment-conscious Design / Technical Development

We, at Sekisui Chemical Group, rigorously implement environmental considerations in our products to minimize their environmental load. Our performance for fiscal year 2003 was the release of 48 environment-friendly products into the market amounting to a sales percentage of 25%, significantly exceeding our target.

Operations of the Sekisui Chemical Group are based upon our policy to implement some degree of environmental consideration in every production process of every product. In order to substantiate this policy, all products and processes under development are evaluated by the developing team using specific evaluation tools. Based upon these results, the potential for the product, to be approved as environment-conscious or to be advanced into the next stage of development, are discussed and decided at the DR (design review) meetings of the internal companies and other sections.

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Zero Emission from Production Plants

Sekisui Chemical Group utilizes resources effectively, through minimization of waste generation and zero emission. In fiscal year 2003, we successfully completed efforts to reduce emissions from new housing construction sites to zero.

While as a manufacturer, we consume resources to manufacture products and supply them to society; at the same time we generate large amounts of waste in the production stage (at production establishments and construction sites). We believe that one of our major responsibilities is to utilize the resources we consume in production effectively; we are actively working to minimize (Reduce, Reuse) the amount of waste generated as well as to recycle this waste.

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Energy-Saving in Production Processes

Sekisui Chemical Group has succeeded in reducing the volume of carbon dioxide gas emission in the production stage by 11% against fiscal year 2000, which corresponds to an approximate 5% reduction from fiscal 1990, the year set as the reference year in the Kyoto Protocol.

Sekisui Chemical Group consumes energy to manufacture products to offer to society, which in other words means that we are expending the limited supply of fossil fuel, as well as producing carbon dioxide gas which is regarded to be the cause of global warming. Therefore, our role as a manufacturer, above everything, is to minimize energy consumption and to control the release of carbon dioxide gas in our production stages.

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Minimizing Environmental Contamination

Sekisui Chemical Group is actively working to minimize the environmental contamination accompanying our business operations. The volume of release/transfer of PRTR Law Class I-designated chemical substances in fiscal year 2003 totaled 531 tons, reduced to half of the level of fiscal year 1998.

As we use large amounts of various chemical substances, a crucial element of our business operations is to control these substances appropriately in order to prevent environmental contamination and alleviate environmental load. To this end, we have established voluntary control targets, and are active in endeavors such as reducing release/transfer of chemical substances into the environment, completely eliminating priority reduction substances, and conducting soil studies within our business establishment grounds.

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